Personal trainer software.

Forget excel, manage diets and training routines in a simple way. Keep track of your customers clearly.

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All you need

So that you can forget about management and focus on the health of your clients, we propose the following main tools

Reusable templates

Create your own templates visually and simply, assign them to a customer and adapt it for him / her.

Specialized CRM

Keep track of each client with events and tasks


Don't give your personal whattsapp anymore. Use the internal web or mobile chat by quickly accessing your file

How it works

We quickly explain the basic operation


Customer registration

Fill in the information on its main file, add the tags you deem appropriate (you can create your own tags)
Add specific comments: your goals, what you are interested in, etc.
Mark it active if you want to be able to access your private area where you will access your diets / routines, enter your achievements and communicate with you
If you are a team, assign the coaches to watch over it.

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Prepare a plan

Create training routines and / or diets to follow.
Use default templates that you can create and then adapt to his specific needs.
Determine the time that these routines or diets will remain active so that when the time comes, notify the coach who has the account to be renewed or expanded.

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Your client can now access

Your client can now access the content of the diet or training from your computer or mobile phone, enter your best brands, download it in PDF, contact you if you have any questions, or fill out periodic forms of your progress along with images if you wish.

Applify - App Landing HTML Template

Accessible from any computer or mobile

The application is a progressive webapp specially designed to work on chrome browser.
That means that it can be accessed from any device enjoying all its advantages.

  • It is not necessary to install anything
  • Native notifications on the device
  • Access without internet connection
  • Shortcut for desktop or mobile
  • Permanent updates

Plans and prices

Plans from independent professionals to large centers